Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Trend Alert; Customized Bags are In!

There is something special about Fall; the air gets cooler, football season is in full swing, and the fashion trends and styles never get boring. One fashion statement that never goes out of style but is especially popular is our product feature of the month, handbags and totes!

A girl can never have to many handbags, and I can monogram one for any occasion. My favorite bag is the leather tote that folds up; perfect to have on hand when you might need a bigger back like running to the store or just to keep in a smaller purse. With the recent changes to college football bag policy, I've had fun personalizing new clear bags with my friends and my own initails in Carolina Tar Heel Blue!

Image from Etsy

Customizing a classic piece like a handbag adds that extra level of individuality to an item that everyone owns. I love working with customers to find the right font and colors that meet there needs and personality, and I'd love to do the same for you! Bags will be coming to my Etsy shop soon, but please contact me at now to place an order!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My 2 Cents Worth on Marriage

I am having so much fun working with brides at the height of wedding season! I love their excitement in planning their big day, the anxiety they have about everything coming out just right and the twinkle in their eyes when an idea turns out just the way they hoped it would.

It makes me think about marriage and long term success in marriage. I have been married for 34 years to my high school sweetheart, who I dated for 6 years before we got married. He is the most wonderful, sexy, fun, adventurous, caring, talented man I know. A lot of people say they married their best friend but my husband is so much more than that. I have a “best friend”. She and I spend hours crafting “worthless trinkets”. We talk about our grandbabies (mine is 5 months old and hers is due in September). Because we have both worked as Speech Pathologists, we bounce ideas off each other and complain about particularly grueling cases. We ooh and ah over each other’s home décor, paint choices and go on the hunt for furniture and rugs. We commiserate over cancer, family situations, old age and menopause. While my husband is extremely supportive and a good listener, I will always need a female friend in my life!

Marriage is markedly different from friendship. I decided to ask several of my long married (long suffering???) friends for their secret to a successful marriage. Here are some of the replies. Some of these are direct quotes and some I have paraphrased. Thanks to everyone who commented!!!

~I think too many (young) people look at marriage as a transitory phase, something exciting for right now, but something they can get out of later if they need to. Instead, they need to look at it as a lifetime commitment that you make to one another, to your families, and to God.

~ Set aside time every day to talk with no interruptions or distractions (no children, no phone, no TV).

~ Be playful. Play games, watch movies, go to sporting events, engage in physical activity. Continue to go on dates!

~ Share the load - it is never 50/50 but share responsibilities and chores. Maybe there is something you hate doing around the house that your spouse doesn’t mind doing and vice versa. Don’t forget to say thank you and please for those everyday activities like taking out the trash and cooking dinner. Saying I love you is not always enough. Neither is saying I’m sorry….

~ Communicate. This means listening and trying to understand the other person’s perspective, needs and feelings. Agree to disagree respectfully. Face the challenges together instead of turning on each and blaming each other. Sit at the table, hold hands and come up with a plan to meet your challenges as a team. There will be challenges!!

~Find your spiritual home. Putting God in your marriage is a must. Pray for each other and with each other. Worship together and surround your family with those who believe what you believe. This builds a strong community that we ALL need.

~ Have separate interest and hobbies – time away from each other is critical. Some people suggested that you keep separate bank accounts so you can indulge your passions.

~ Keep up the physical relationship. I don’t just mean sex. I mean hugs, kisses, a squeeze of the hand, a back rub or a pat on the butt. My husband never leaves home without kissing me goodbye and when he comes home, he finds me to tell me hi and to give me a kiss and hug. This is affection and keeps us connected.

~ Marriage is about laughter. Marriage is about thoughtfulness and respect. Marriage is about CHOOSING and honoring commitment, every day, for better or for worse, and knowing that you are the better for having chosen this person to share your life with.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Starting Them Young: Personalized Baby Onesies

Baby clothes are definitely the most adorable of all of the clothes on the market, but how often do come across something that is special to the baby or parents? When shopping in stores, basically never. Twinkle Star Monograms is here to fix that problem with this months featured product, baby onesies!

Our baby onesies can be ordered in different sizes/month ranges and our embroidered in our Cary, North Carolina headquarters. Examples of what we have monogramed include, but definitelynot limited to, are sports teams/Universities, baby names, cute puns (our favorite is perfect for any struggling dad), and so many more.

One of our customer favorites is an all-in-one perfect gift for a baby shower or to bring to the family after the baby is born; a onesie with a character from your favorite children’s book with the book included! For just $26, you can get a The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (a must have classic for any baby!) and matching onesie combo! We have also done a Corduroy combo and can do most books!

What team, book, or even name can I monogram on a onesie for your next baby-related event? Contact me at or check out our Etsy page to place an order today!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dip your monogramed toes in the sand

Man, does time fly; the 4th of July is already a few weeks behind us and the first day of school is a little over a month away! Thankfully, this summer heat will only last a little bit longer, but that unfortunately means flip flop and shorts season will be gone before we know it (and Christmas appearing what will feel like overnight!) Last minute beach trips and outdoor barbeques and being planned, and what better way to enjoy the last few weeks of flip flops than with monogramed toe nail decals?

Our customers love these decals as a great way to personalize your pedicure. In every order, you get 5 sets of white block letter monogram decals that are the perfect size for your toes. One set will last as long as your polish, even through your trips to the pool and beach. It’s so easy that you can apply yourself; just add a clear coat of polish after application.

These decals are fun for mani-pedi lovers of all ages, just indicate in your order if product will be for a child. This is also the perfect extra little touch for anyone who loves monograms but does not want to be too flashy; its subtle but adorable. And for just $10 for 5 sheets, you can't go wrong! Order on our Etsy post today to get before summer is over!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What do you mean my last name goes in the middle?

What’s worse than getting someone a gift they don’t like? Getting someone a personalized gift with an incorrect monogram! Wait, there is a wrong way format your monogram? We’re here to help with a handy guide to nailing monograms!

While your name may read first, middle, then last, your monogram can actually be different depending on the size. If you are single and all the letters are the same size, you put the letters in the order of your name. However, if you choose the large surname monogram, the last name will be the biggest letter in-between the first and middle initials. Your monogram would then read first, last, then middle initials.

When you get married, your monogram traditionally changes. As a married woman, your monogram drops the middle initial and adds the new last name initial keeping your maiden name. So instead of first, middle, married last name, your monogram becomes first, married last name, maiden name. The married gets a monogram using both names; both partner’s initials go on either side of the surname in the middle. In the South it is always "ladies first" so the correct order would be wife's initial, last name initial and the husband's initial.

Many people wonder where monogramming originated. History tells us that monogram started as a royal signature or seal on currency. Initials were carved on coins to mark the reign of Roman and Greek rulers. Later, during the Middle Ages, many artists began to use their initials to personalize their work. In the Victorian era, monograms became a symbol of aristocracy.

Many upper class families began to use monogram letters on their linens, cutlery and serving dishes and other household goods, believing it was a sign of aristocracy. Soon every household had a use for monograms, from embroidered monogram letters for noblemen to simple personalized stamps for the lower class.

So now that you know where Monograms originated, cut loose and find your monogram style!! Many people have unique names or situations that can get confusing. We have been monograming products for over 5 years and can help you figure out exactly how your monogram looks best!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Sale featuring Wood Letters!

Many things change in life, but one thing that stays consistent is your name. For common names, it can be pretty easy to find items in stores with your whole name on them. But for the majority of people, you have to really search around or special order something that can take weeks to arrive if you want your name on it. Take the summer Coca-Cola bottles for example; they have thousands of names in circulation and it is still hard to find the name you are looking for. Thousands of names exist, but the alphabet only has 26 letters in it making initials an easy but still personalized gift to give. This summer we are so excited to be featuring an simple but amazing gift for yourself or others, our single wood letters!

These come in a 14, 12, and 8 inch sizes (availability per letter varies) and are available in indoor and outdoor wood. Cut from unfinished birch plywood, they are approximately 1/2 inch thick. The unfinished letters may require light sanding prior to painting or no treatment at all for a beautiful natural look!

We are so excited about this product that we offering all sizes at 50% off original price and can get your own single letters from $5 to $9!! We have a large supply of *most* letters and can ship out very quickly (free local pick-up or $5 shipping fee)! Please contact us at to see if we have your letters in stock!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beyond Lucky

When I was a little girl (really until I was 12-13 years old), my favorite activity, other than bothering my big sister, was to play with baby dolls. Not Barbie dolls, but baby dolls. The kind that would pretend to take a bottle or had a pull string to talk, or maybe even wet a diaper. I had Chatty Cathy, Baby Go Bye Bye and Her Bumpety Buggy and the amazing Dancerina Ballerina doll with bendable legs and arms and a knob on the top of her head that you pulled up to make her spin.

I was lucky enough to have 2 of my own children, Kevin and Kyle, who are now 29 and 25. The time passes very quickly!! I was also lucky enough to call hundreds of other children my kids. These were the kids I worked with over my 30 year career as a speech pathologist.

None of this prepared me for the overwhelming sense of joy and love that I have right now as a brand new grandmother. I just celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a grandmother to Beckett, who is 12 weeks old. I am constantly amazed at how different it is to be a grandmother compared to being a mother. As a mother, you are tired, worried, tired, overwhelmed, tired… you get the picture. Overwhelming responsibility to feed your child, keep him safe, make sure he is growing, make sure you do what the pediatrician said to do, listen to advice from everyone, keep up the household chores and remember to take care of yourself. Maybe you even have to go back to work at some point. As a grandmother, all that anxiety and stress is minimized. I won’t say it is completely gone, but certainly tons less than you feel as a mother. There is this engulfing love when you watch your own child parent a newborn, with all the promise of what their futures hold. My heart swells when I see Beckett, in person or in a picture. It is almost indescribable.

Once again, I am lucky enough with this new baby in my life. Lucky enough to be able to be his caregiver as his mom and dad work. Lucky enough that my caregiving responsibilities are 2 days a week so I can continue to play with my embroidery business and lucky enough for Beckett that he gets to experience the best of both worlds – 2 days a week of fun and spoiling from his Gigi and the rest of the week in the loving arms of his mom and dad. Beyond lucky I would say – for all of us!!!

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